Privacy Policy

Random amazing fact owners respect their user's privacy and always committed to protecting it. This privacy policy describes the rules about gathering, use, and disclosure any data collected from users. This information contains location, logs, other communication data like IP address, operating system, the number of times you have visited our website, or the website pages you are wandering around. This data assists us to provide a better user experience. These data is stored will be stored in a statistical form. It means that we cannot identify any users personally. Our website also provides information and regular updates to our users via email. One of the most important features of our website is subscribing to the newsletter using an email id. We collect and save this information to engage with our visitors regularly.This confidential information we receive is used to enhance our services. We hereby declare that we do not share any of this information with third parties or outside our organization. By accessing, reading, and gathering knowledge from the website, you are accepting and consenting to our privacy policy. We recommend our users frequently check for the latest updates as the privacy policy might get changed at any time.

1. Providers of Services

We would like to notify our customers that we are the only providers of our services on Random Amazing Fact. Our team finds and analyzes this useful information about amazing facts from authentic and verified sources to serve you the correct information. We are not responsible for any information you acquire from any other sources except our website. We do not hire any third parties, companies, or individuals to receive the information. If you came to know that the published information is incorrect or needs some modifications, you can simply fill the contact form to reach out to our company. These are the category of facts which we publish on our website :

  • Fun Facts
  • Geographical Facts
  • Historical Facts
  • Science Facts
  • Political Facts
  • Environmental Facts
  • Economical Facts
  • Nature Facts
  • Art and Cultural Facts
  • Entertainment Facts
  • Life and Health Facts
  • Sports Facts
  • Fashion and Beauty Facts

Apart from these, we provide facts information regarding so many other categories. You can reach us anytime via the contact us page if you find any duplicate website created with the same name as our website,Random Amazing Facts.

2. Browser Cookies

Our website collects cookie information stored on your hard drive. Usually, cookies contain general information such as username, emails, passwords, etc. Most probably, cookies are used for session management, personalization, and tracking. Our website uses your cookie information for tracking purposes. It helps us to enhance our service. By utilizing cookies, we track the items that users have viewed on our website. So, when the next time the same user visits our website with the same browser, we suggest our visitors the related items to view that were previously read by the users. It helps us to understand what the specific user wants to know. Which category of information they are finding? Does it provide the data about which particular topic the users are interested in? Most web browsers are developed to support and accept cookies. Although, you are authorized to reset your browser to discard all the cookies or you can manually delete them as well.

3. Privacy for Children

Our privacy policy explains the usage of information regardless of any age group. This website is published globally so that any person around the world can access it. This privacy policy for our website declares that it does not contain any adult content which can restrict children under the age of 18, 13, or less. Also, we do not intentionally gather any kind of personal information from children under the age of 13. So, whenever we aware of such information stored on our servers, we will erase it. But if you're a parent or guardian and you are aware that the child has contacted us with personal details, please email us so that we can take the appropriate steps.

4. Changes to the Privacy Policies

We reserve the right to change, modify, add, or remove portions of this policy in the future at our discretion. Our privacy policy for the website is reviewed on a regular basis. We, therefore, urge you to check this page periodically for any updates. If our privacy policy changes, we will post updates on this page and other pages of the Site so that you are always aware of the information we gather and how we use it.